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Group Financial Controller

Job Description:
- To ensure effective implementation of all established accounting policies & procedures to
- To perform internal audit and recommend improvements on internal control system.
- To analysis and advice on the accounting system.
- To instruct, advise, and supervise Chief Accountants.
- To review and analysis the financial reports.
- To review the annual budget and business plan of the Hotel Group.
- To assist the Managing Director in compilation of forecasts covering all activities of the hotel.
- To assist the Managing Director in compilation of annual Business Plan and Budget.
- To approve all disbursement vouchers, expenses claims after ascertaining that all necessary documents are attached, processed and certified for receipt of merchandises or services both in quality, quantity and prices. To verify the distribution of charges and to ascertain the availability of funds for such disbursements.
- To approve all purchase in view of availability of funds, necessity and the operating budget.
- To receive daily the receipts of bank deposits and to verify against General Cashier’s Summary of Receipts.
- To ascertain the daily receipts are deposited on the next succeeding banking day. To review surprise cash count of General Cashier’s fund and other house funds and to report to the Managing Director in case of great difference.
- To co-ordinate fortnightly credit meeting with Sale Team Members or HODs.
- To prepare reports to the Managing Director indicating trend of balances, accounts requiring special attention, accounts turned over to collecting agencies and those recommended to be written off etc. To bring to the attention of Managing Director of any deficiency in the system.
- To watch daily the adequacy of bank balances and to report in writing as to any anticipated cash deficiency to the Managing Director.
- To ensure all travel agents’ commissions are paid promptly.
- To examine and to approve all payroll hiring, status changes and terminations.
- To ensure that all overtime reports are submitted to the Managing Director for approval.
- Any other duties that may be assigned from time to time by Managing Director.

- To set guidelines and deadlines dates for each employee’s monthly work in order to ensure timely financial reporting.
- To ensure that an organized, up-to-date filing system is maintained for all pertinent financial records.
- To review all of the Finance and Accounting Division’s daily mail, including incoming and outgoing Accounts Receivable correspondences.
- To organize the accounting office as follows.
- To distribute work to employees on an equitable basis.
- To schedule and introduce flexible job functions through job rotation.
- To ensure that all employees do understand fully and adhere to the hotel’s employee rules and regulations as well as to the hotel’s policies relating to fire, safety and health.
- To train the employees ensuring that they have the necessary skills to perform their duties with maximum efficiency.
- To handle all problems of the Finance and Accounting Department with the exception of those which have to be referred to the Head Office-VCL.
- To instruct employees on the correct standards and procedures and to handle their problems regarding their daily work.

Job Requirement:
- Bachelor/ Master degree of Accounting/Finance or related field
- Five years experience in Accounting/Finance and Managements
- Experience in Accounting from Hospitality Industry is preferable. 
- Positive attitude, Critical thinking, and Leadership skills
- English language proficiency, Chinese is an advantage.
- Computer skills (MS Office and Accounting Software)


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